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[20061010] Code analysis via search engine - security, and finding NetBSD code in other projects
Hauke Fath has pointed me at an article that talks about ``Static Code Analysis Using Google Code Search'', by Dug Song. The article describes how to search code search engined like Google's Code Search and Koder's code search engine.

Also from the "cool, they use my source code"-department: Looking for NetBSD in the latter one revealed quite a number of projects that use sources that mention NetBSD, either in copyright messages, single functions they've copied or RCS IDs that show how the code went from one project to another.

Here's a list of projects that I've found use NetBSD sources in one way or other:

Cough, quite a list... It seems libedit and the queue.h macros are NetBSD's most wanted/borrowed pieces... :-) Also, my guess is that the list is even a lot longer in commercial products, but of course that's a bit hard to verify. (Anyone?)

P.S.: Here's a similar list using Google's Code Search.

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