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[20061011] More NetBSD/xen vhosting in Germany: x|encon (Updated)
x|encon is a hosting provider located in Hannover, Germany. Besides offering Linux vServer based hosting, they also offer Xen hosting, and their x|bsd prominently mentions NetBSD as the base for their products. They offer two different configurations with 20/40GB harddisk and 325/650MB RAM for a monthly fee for 29/49EUR and no setup fees. The contract includes flat billing of network traffic, dynamically allocated swap space (probably swap file instead of a dedicated swap partition), a public IP address and of course full root access.

(And no, I'm not sponsored by them; Rainer Brinkmöller pointed me at them)

Update: The x|encon Support Team told me that what they offer is a plain blockdevice which can be setup wit a NetBSD XEN3_DOMU_INSTALL kernel then to everyones' likes.

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