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[20061020] Xen with HVM and hardware virtualization: Booting Windows XP in a DomU
Manuel Bouyer has continued his work on the NetBSD/Xen port, and his latest results include support to use the Hardware Virtual Machine (HVM) interface for Intel and AMD CPUs that support virtualization as well as the Qemu Device Model (Qemu-dm), which is a modified Qemu running in Dom0 that is used to emulate some hardware devices, see Manuel's first posting to the port-xen list and the thread starting from it.

In related news, Manuel has updated the packages for the latest Xen release (3.0.3) and a new one to support HVM (which needs X, in order to emulate a VGA console via Qemu, see above). With that package, it was possible to boot systems that were not specifically prepared for use with Xen, e.g. NetBSD/i386, Linux and Windows XP! See Manuel's second posting and the followups.

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