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[20061101] Thoughts on the old GPL vs. BSD license squabbling
This one was pointed out by Olaf Seibert (thanks!): When trying to convince people that the GPL is so much better than the BSD license, one argument that you hear a lot is that GPL forces people (and companies!) to open up their code for the benefit of everyone. Nice idea - but is it true?

Harald Welte, who's done a lot for making people understand what the GPL is and is not (e.g. with his GPL Violations project) has drawn some conclusions on that benefit: ``if somebody asks me, how much the actual Free Software source code benefits from the code that was released by the vendors, my honest reply would be simple and sad: None.''

There are other benefits like public awareness, community building etc. that are also of importance to the whole Open Source community, and that a software license may or may not have an impact on, so this may be up for further discussion.

Making code available at least is not what the GPL helps about, so I guess the BSD license isn't that bad after all. Surprise! :)

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