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[20061101] EtherIP driver
Hans 'woodstock' Rosenfeld has reworked the current EtherIP driver for NetBSD 4.0 based on tap(4) and gif(4), citing from the manpage: ``The etherip interface is a tunneling pseudo device for ethernet frames. It can tunnel ethernet traffic over IPv4 and IPv6 using the EtherIP protocol specified in RFC 3378.

The only difference between an etherip interface and a real ethernet interface is that there is an IP tunnel instead of a wire. Therefore, to use etherip the administrator must first create the interface and then configure protocol and addresses used for the outer header. This can be done by using ifconfig(8) create and tunnel subcommands, or SIOCIFCREATE and SIOCSLIFPHYADDR ioctls.''

See Hans' posting to tech-net for more details and a link to the code.

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