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[20061115] Ready for testing: Hardware accelerated IPsec with IPv6 (and IPv4)
As reported previously, Degroote Arnaud has worked on adding IPv6 support for the fast_ipsec(4) IPsec implementation in NetBSD as part of the ipsec6 Google SoC project, see his previous status report. Before the project, the situation in NetBSD was that there were two IPsec implementations: the KAME implementation which worked for both IPv4 and IPv6 but didn't support crypto hardware, and the fast_ipsec(4) implementation from FreeBSD that did support crypto hardware but only IPv4, no IPv6.

With the success of the ipsec6 Google SoC project, the code for hardware-accelerated IPsec with IPv6 (and IPv4) is now ripe for testing, and the author has sent a second mail asking for code review and testing: ``It would be nice too if some people can test the code in more real cases and report success and failure.'' The pointer to the latest patch is in his second mail.

Happy testing!

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