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[20070214] Force10 Networks uses NetBSD to build Software Scalability into FTOS Operating System (Update #4)
OK, citing from the news item I've managed to get up on our webserver, despite some hassles:

``Force10 Networks has leveraged NetBSD as the foundation for the Force10 Operating System (FTOS). Based on the open source UNIX-like system, FTOS provides the software scalability and resiliency that powers the Force10 TeraScale E-Series family of switch/routers. See our full press release for more details.

Some technical details that did not make it into the press release: Today, many of the worlds largest Gigabit Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks depend on Force10 Networks. The Force10 TeraScale E-Series switches/routers support this by providing features like massive scalability, 1260 Gigabit Ethernet ports or 224 Ten Gigabit Ethernet ports per chassis. The machines are battle tested and provide full function L2 switching and L3 routing.

Internally, they are equipped with PowerPC CPUs, and for communication, dedicated 100M Ethernet networks are used in each system that connect the Route Processor Module (RPM) and line cards that are for system control. There are three active CPUs on the primary RPM, and a CPU on each line card that are all active in the control plane.

While data itself is forwarded by the hardware, management overhead exists if you consider running 1.500 VRRP groups, 600 OSPF neighbors, BFD on thousands of ports, ARPs on thousands of ports, collecting statistics on thousands of ports etc. All this work is done by the Force10 Operating System, FTOS''.

Force10 Networks
TeraScale E-Series Products
The release of this was coordinated for today with Force10 Networks, and I'm told that the same press release will occur on several news sites. I'll put some URLs here when I know them. :)

Update: The news item is now on the Force10 Networks frontpage, and also available as press release from their site in HTML and in PDF. It's also available on BusinessWire.

Update #2: There's another text that seems to be written down from the announcement with some Linux-babble put in at Linuxworld Update #3: The Linuxworld text was now published on NetworkWorld. Same author, same Linux-babble. Update #4: OSNEWS has an item on it too, including user comments.

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