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[20070214] Precedence: NetBSD based thin client solutions
UK-based company Precedence Technologies offers thin clients and an accompanying server that are based on NetBSD.

Quoting from the site, ``With Server-Based Computing (SBC), you do not need local hard discs or fast processors in your clients. You can avoid having moving parts which generate noise, heat and are unreliable. Thin-clients are small, quiet and extremely robust. They can be completely remotely managed meaning that there is no client configuration at all. They can be simply plug and play.''

It's nice to see that in a Vista-crazed world where a gigabyte of RAM and oodles of CPU is considered the minimum, there are alternatives for rollout that require considerably less resources, with corresponding effects on our nature.

Also, its wide range of support satisfies customers: ``On our network we have machines running Windows, RISCOS and MacOS. All of them need to happily co-exist and this indeed is achieved using a NetManager server. This NetBSD-based solution offers the best of both worlds. Through the web-based user interface it is possible to quickly and easily access a wide number of server settings and functions, even without knowledge of the UNIX environment. On the other hand the underlying powerful OS is still at hand with its flexibility and a pool of available open software that allows us to do our own database development work.''

See the website for more details!

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