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[20070320] Open Source Jahrbuch 2007, including article about NetBSD
The ``Open Source Jahrbuch 2007'' is published by Bernd Lutterbeck, Matthias Bärwolff, Robert A. Gehring, it discusses a number of aspects of Open Source today. On pages 315--326 it contains an article titled ``NetBSD - Das portabelste Betriebssystem der Welt'' (``NetBSD - the world's most portable operating system'') by Hubert Feyrer, Stefan Schumacher and Mark Weinem that talks about NetBSD and pkgsrc, their project structure, commercial applications and licenses.

The Project's homepage is at where the ``Open Source Jahrbuch 2007'' can be downloaded directly. The book was also published by JF Lehmanns, ISBN is 978-3-86541-191-4.

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