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[20070329] Flash. No, really!
David Brownlee had a go at nspluginwrapper and posted instructions for getting Flash going in Firefox in N easy steps:
  • Get NetBSD 4.0_BETA2/i386 with either native X or (NetBSD 3.x is reported to work too)
  • Install pkgsrc/www/firefox2 or pkgsrc/www/firefox (gtk1 variants are unfortunately known to not work)
  • install pkgsrc/multimedia/ns-flash
  • As ordinary user, run: "nspluginwrapper -i /usr/pkg/lib/netscape/plugins/".
  • Use "nspluginwrapper -l" and "about:plugins" in firefox{,2} to verify that the plugin is found
  • Check out Youtube and Myspace.
This uses the Linux flash plugin with a wrapper mapping Linux calls to NetBSD calls within a shared object, which is performed by nspluginwrapper.

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