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[20070401] More on DRM, DRI, and whatever else is needed for hardware-accelerated 3D gfx
Further work has been done on DRI and DRM support, to the extent of getting 2100FPS in glxgear and running compiz ``with all of the fancy wobbly / expose / fade / etc. plugins active''. Jared McNeill did a lot of the work in that area, and he also provided the start of a mesa-dri package that can be found in pkgsrc-wip/mesa-dri now, and which is the OpenGL library that uses the DRI/DRM interface. A lot of this is work in progress, and there's also a status report with some hints on how to get various cards going, together with some more hints on how to get things going here and here.

There's no consistent documentation available on this yet, but maybe someone wants to start something, e.g. on

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