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[20070424] Articles: NetBSD would be perfect for Intel's ClassMatePC, and others
So I've stumbled across this blog entitled "Pain and Glory from the Trenches of the IT World" which happens to have a number of nice articles that mention NetBSD, e.g. this article on why NetBSD would be perfect for Intel's ClassMatePC. After using Debian Linux in Qemu for a few days, I'm ALL (more than ever :) in favour of using NetBSD on platforms with low CPU power -- Debian just was a pain to boot through, while NetBSD was quick'n'spiffy.

Plus hey, NetBSD DOES run most of the Linux software, anyways. :)

FWIW, another article "NetBSD: An alternative to Xubuntu and Ubuntu Lite for machines with low specs" talks about the same topic, as does "Inherent bloat with desktop-specific Linux distributions".

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