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[20070501] Article: Linux versus Windows: OS impact on uptime and speed
From the article "Linux versus Windows: OS impact on uptime and speed": ``There are many factors which affect Website availability and performance from end user perspective, namely ISP Internet connection, server location, server parameters, programming language, application architecture and implementation. One of the critical parameters is a selected Operational System (OS). Most users often need to select between Linux and Windows, two popular choices for web servers. By providing free monitoring service, we at collected large amount of data to perform a unique analytical research examining OS correlation with uptime and performance. ''

There are three results of interest here:

  1. Amount of monitored websites by detected operating system:

    So out of ~13000 websites, it's only 238 (2%) that run NetBSD. Not terribly high, esp. when 774 sites run Minix (wtf?!), but well - it's lonely at the top. 8-)

  2. Analyzing wesite performance statistcs by operating systems sorted by uptime:

    So over a period of at least three weeks, NetBSD showed best uptime results. Yai!

  3. Analyzing websites performance statistics by operational systems sorted by response time:

    Again NetBSD scores the top position over three weeks when looking at the response times.

Citing the article again: ``Summarizing, statistically Linux based servers provide better availability and response speed than Windows servers. Absolute leader is NetBSD in both categories; OpenBSD and Solaris also demonstrate good results.

We hope this data will be valuable for our community in their hosting selection process.''

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