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[20070509] Switched from vpnc to WPA2 for WLAN
I've used vpnc at my university's campus until a few months ago, when my other working place (FH Regensburg) deployed a WPA2-only WLAN. I've then bought a Linksys A+B+G NIC (Atheros based, works fine with NetBSD 4.0_BETA2/i386), and switched from vpnc to WPA2.

Those interested can find the config in the "May 2007" entry of the updates of my vpnc article.

(I also have some scripts that do auto-detection of wirefull and wireless networks and setup connections accordingly, together with APM-based suspend and resume; I'll write some more about that some other time, as it's what NetBSD lacks when installed out of the box)

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