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[20070708] Learn something new every day: script -r / -p (Updated)
Stefan pointed me at a nice feature of NetBSD's script(1) command today: It can record a terminal session, and play it back later, with corresponding timing that shows all pauses etc. - very nice for showing how something works, but where a simple screenshot may not be the optimal thing. For an example of me typing this blog post, download this file and play it back with "script -p script-session.blogpost".

Update: I've fixed a few minor typos in this post later that aren't in the "video". :)

Update #2: Antti hinted me at two other programs that are related: pkgsrc/misc/ttyrec (homepage) and pkgsrc/misc/ipbt (homepage). Beyond script(1), at least ipbt can record nethack sessions properly (an essential!), and it has fast-forward and slow-motion.

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