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[20070806] Call for testers: ACPI / power management branch
Another project that's currently under development is Jared McNeill's work on reworking NetBSD's power management framework, see Jared's proposal on the topic. The code is getting into shape, and Jared sent out a request for testing. Latest status updates can be seen on Jared's ACPI Status page.

People interested to help out with the project can follow the instructions and report back to Jared.

For further support, Jared would appreciate some hardware for extending his work. Right now, an amd64-based laptop (e.g. IBM/Lenovo T60 or X60) would be needed for non-i386/64bit development. If you have some spare amd64 hardware or spare cash to support The NetBSD Foundation to fund the corresponding hardware, talk to Jared, too!

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