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[20070816] NetBSD Starts Fundraising Campaign 2007
The NetBSD Foundation would like to announce its 2007 fundraising campaign. Thanks to donations from earlier this year, we were able to fund a developer to work on NetBSD and we would like to extend that opportunity. We are aiming to raise $50,000 US by the end of the year. Every donation, both major and minor, is welcome and will be put to good use!

We will spend the money with a focus on improving NetBSD's SMP, real-time computing and embedded capabilities. This task requires a lot of work to be done by the NetBSD developers, as well as the provision of the most modern hardware. Thus the main goals are:

  • provide necessary hardware for developers.
  • continue funding developers to work on improving NetBSD.
  • sponsoring developers to work on BSD-related events.
  • focused development, with specific developers funded to work in their areas of expertise.
  • offer bounties for long standing, hard to solve, problems.
We are inviting the NetBSD community and organizations using NetBSD to help us in achieving these goals. This fundraising campaign is an excellent opportunity for everyone to contribute to the NetBSD project and to help us improve NetBSD.
Please read this link for more information how to donate. Thanks a lot for your support of the NetBSD project!

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