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[20070918] Compiling NetBSD with PCC, the Portable C Compiler (Updated)
Anders Magnusson wrote that he has been working on getting PCC, the ancient Unix Portable C Compiler, working enough on NetBSD to build the NetBSD userland. Benefits of PCC are that the compiler is under a BSD license, and that it is 5-10 times faster than GCC, cutting down build time of the NetBSD userland from 10 hours down to 2 hours. PCC is available in pkgsrc/lang/pcc, NetBSD build instructions are available.

The compiler aims at implementing the C99 standard right now, and produces code for x86. Other platforms may be added eventually, other languages like C++ are rather unlikely to be added.

For more information on the project, see the homepage.

Update: Jeremy Reed has taught pkgsrc how to use PCC: Get the latest pkgsrc, and set PKGSRC_COMPILER=pcc. Voila!

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