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[20070922] EuroBSDCon 2007 Presentations
EuroBSDCon in Copenhagen is over, and after a thundering silence from the NetBSD camp, I've at last found a list of presentations in Axel Gruner's blog. So, what presentations did we miss? Here's a list of the ones that have material online:
  • Antti Kantee and Alistair Crooks: ReFUSE: Userspace FUSE Reimplementation Using puffs (Paper)
  • Brooks Davis: Using FreeBSD to Promote Open Source Development Methods (Slides)
  • Brooks Davis: Building Clusters With FreeBSD (Slides)
  • Claudio Jeker: OpenBSD as routing platform (Slides)
  • George Neville-Neil: Network Protocol Testing in FreeBSD and in General (Slides)
  • Isaac 'ike' Levy: FreeBSD jail(8) Overview, The Virtual Server (Slides)
  • John P. Hartmann: Real Men's Pipes (Slides, Paper)
  • Dr. Marshall Kirk McKusick: A Brief History of the BSD Fast Filesystem (Slides)
  • Marc Balmer: Supporting Radio Clocks in OpenBSD (Slides)
  • Marko Zec: Network stack virtualization for FreeBSD 7.0 (Slides)
  • Pawel Jakub Dawidek: FreeBSD/ZFS - last word in operating/file systems (Slides)
  • Peter Hansteen: Firewalling with OpenBSD's PF packet filter (Paper)
  • Pierre-Yves Ritschard: OpenBSD: Load-Balancing using HostStated: (Slides)
  • Robert Watson: FreeBSD Advanced Security Features (Slides)
  • Ryan Bickhart: Transparent TCP-to-SCTP Translation Shim Layer (Slides)
  • Soeren Straarup: An ARM from shoulder to hand (Slides)
  • Sam Leffler: Long Distance Wireless (for Emerging Regions) (Slides)
  • Sam Smith: Fighting "Technical fires" (Slides)
  • Simon L. Nielsen: The FreeBSD Security Officer function (Slides)
  • Stephen Borrill: Building products with NetBSD - thin clients (Slides)
  • Steven Murdoch: Hot or Not: Fingerprinting hosts through clock skew (Slides)
  • Yvan VanHullebus: NETASQ and BSD: a success story (Slides)
Axel also links to pictures on his blog posting for those interested.

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