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[20071118] Xen/amd64 update
Manuel has posted an update on his work on the bouyer-xenamd64 branch: ``a amd64 domU kernel runs stable, and a dom0 kernel boots and can start a domU''.

Manuel also outlined his future plans: ``Once bouyer-xenamd64 is merged, I'll start a new branch to work on switching xeni386 to the new x86 pmap and xenamd64 bootstrap codes, and merge back code from xen/i386 to i386/i386. I'll also look at x86pae support in Xen, as using the x86 pmap should make this much easier.''

Esp. the bit about PAE is very desirable, as it currently stops NetBSD from working as domU with a Linux dom0 that has PAE enabled (which is the default nowadays). Every Linux user that wants to try NetBSD in a Xen domU currently has to make sure he has a non-PAE kernel first, which is suboptimal.

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