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[20080109] New portmaster for NetBSD/ofppc
Tim 'garbled' Rightnour has done quite a bit of hacking on NetBSD's PowerPC based ports, and today he has announced that he'll take over the job of the portmaster of the NetBSD port to the OpenFirmware based PowerPC platforms, NetBSD/ofppc. Tim writes: ``I would like to thank the previous portmaster, Wolfgang Solfrank for his excellent work in what was the original port of NetBSD to the PowerPC.

As for the future direction of NetBSD/ofppc, the goal is for this port to run on as many OpenFirmware and CHRP based PowerPC machines as possible. Currently the port is working on the Pegasos II. Work is in-progress to port it to other machines, such as CHRP-based IBM RS/6000's and the EFIKA.''

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