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[20080123] NetBSD 4.0/cobalt restore CD (Updated)
NetBSD's 4.0-release is out now, and products and pieces based on it are starting to pop up. In that line, Sevan / Venture37 has built a restore CD for Cobalt (Cube, Raq) machines based on Izumi Tsutsui's scripts. A copy is available here, and while there, Izumi has updates his scripts for the NetBSD 4.0 release, too. Major new features are NetBSD 4.0 release kernel and userland, and a newfs_ext2fs(8) binary that was backported from NetBSD-current. It also fixes a number of issues, see Izumi's mail.

Update: Sevan / Venture37 let me know that he has updated his restore CD based on Izumi's latest scripts, check his blog page.

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