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[20080129] Force 10 unifies NetBSD-based FTOS operating system across entire product portfolio
Citing from the article: ``Force10 Networks®, the pioneer in building and securing reliable networks, today announced that its modular operating system FTOS is now available across its Reliable Networking portfolio of switch/routers, bringing consistency, stability and flexibility to the enterprise network. With support for a common interface across the TeraScale E-Series, C-Series and S-Series, Force10 is enabling customers to reduce their total cost of ownership by simplifying management, reducing unplanned downtime and optimizing application availability. [...]

To build reliability into its operating system, Force10 leveraged the Unix-like NetBSD kernel, which provides inherent process modularity and fault isolation. Additionally, Unified FTOS is based on a single source code and release train, simplifying software maintenance and upgrades. To guarantee the integrity of FTOS, Force10 has implemented a rigorous QA process that ensures the code is stable prior to being made available to customers. The advances in operating system design and rigorous schedule and QA policies combine to provide optimal application availability to the enterprise. [...]

FTOS support is now available on the Force10 TeraScale E-Series family of chassis-based switch/routers (E1200, E600, E300), C-Series family of distribution switches (C300, C150) and S-Series access switches (S50, S50V and S25).''

Force10 E-Series Force10 C-Series Force10 S-Series

There's also an official Force10 press release for this. And as a reminder: Force10 uses a modified version of the NetBSD operating system on their routers and switches, see our joint press release from some time ago.

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