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[20080218] Lehmanns NetBSD 4.0 CD-ROM Set and FreeX article on installing NetBSD 4.0
The german online bookshop Lehmanns has published a NetBSD 4.0 CD-ROM set. The set contains four CDs:
  1. Installation sets and precompiled binary packages for NetBSD/i386
  2. Installation sets for amd64, macppc, sparc and sparc64
  3. Installation sets for amiga, alpha, atari, mac68k, netxt68k and sun3
  4. Sources
Those who need help installing NetBSD 4.0 can find a german-language article on installing NetBSD 4.0 in the 2/2008 issue of the FreeX magazine. The article's also online as PDF. Enjoy! The print issue of the magazine also comes with a copy of NetBSD 4.0 for i386 and amd64 plus 1.200 precompiled binary packages on DVD.

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