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[20080220] Hanging NetBSD-current in Parallels (and how to fix it) (Updated)
Trying to catch up with -current, I've downloaded a recent boot.iso file, and booted it in Parallels, just to find out that both the "normal" install kernel as well as the "nbnoacpi" kernel hang after a few lines of output.

Jared McNeill pointed out that disabling the VT-x CPU extension in Parallels, things work:

And so it does!

Jared adds that if VT-x support is desired (as it makes a huge difference in performance), one can comment out everything in the x86_patch function in src/sys/arch/x86/x86/patch.c, and build a custom kernel. I guess there's some more integration work down that road. (Or some bugfixing in Parallels? I've tried Parallels 2, Build 3212; no idea if the problem is gone in Parallels 3, I don't want to buy another license)

Update: George Michaelson telle me that the problem also exists with Parallels 3 on Leopart (I'm using Tiger).

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