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[20080401] Testdrive the new site
Leo Lundgren from the swedish / crew has notified me that they have massively revamped their pkgsrc website, and are asking for tester. The new site can be found at The list of changes as outlined in the forum are:
  • Database backend has moved from MySQL to PostgreSQL
  • A more accurate database schema
  • Support for branches
  • CVS commits
  • Search function has been improved
  • Watch list feature is improved, you can now upload your `pkg_info` and for example have a watch list per server
  • Word watch: Add custom words to look for in the cvs commits, and get notified when a match is found
  • Support for virtual categories
Fredrik Carlsson also encourages users in the forum: ``We practically vacuum pkgsrc for information, but not everything is presented on the web pages. If you have ideas on what should be visible or how it should look, put a post here or email us. We are very flexible at this point and would like help presenting the information.''

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