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[20080427] Plat'Home's SSD Linux: Linux Kernel + NetBSD Userland
Google News has pointed this outa few times, but as the NetBSD/evbppc port runs on their OpenBlockS for some time, I haven't paid much attention to Plat'Home's new OpenMicroServer. Timo Schoeler has pointed me at an interesting article in The Register, though (part one / two), which mentions a funny detail on what the machines ship with as operating system: ``The unit runs the SSD Linux operating system, which straps NetBSD userland functions onto the Linux kernel.''

From the SSD/Linux homepage: ``SSD/Linux is the Linux distribution developed by Plat'Home, for use with the MicroServer series. The distribution is optimized to fit on a small internal ROM, while offering all necessary functions for networking and peripheral devices.

The name of the distribution is derived from its place of development, Sotokanda in Tokyo, in imitation of BSD. It is published under a BSD-style open license. See the User's Guide for more information.

While the OS uses a Linux kernel, most of the userland is taken from NetBSD.''

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