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[20080428] Reducing libc size
In embedded environments, space is always scarce - be it physically, for storage (disk/flash space), or for for computer memory. Mikko Rapeli has made that experience with NetBSD, and posted his solution, which is to reduce NetBSD's libc in size -- see his documentation!

Jörg Sonnenberger pointed out that another possible approach to save both diskspace and also (to some extent) RAM when running executables is not to use shared libs, but to use NetBSD's "crunchgen". Crunchgen statically links multiple binaries and their libs into a single executable, saving diskspace and RAM -- exactly what "busybox" does in the Linux world, just highly configurable and working with any sources. This is a very cool feature of NetBSD, which is used to prepare the install media from src/distrib, but it's also a very undocumented area of NetBSD. Any takers for a "beastybox" article? :-)

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