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[20080524] DracoPKG: an attempt at merging pkgtools and pkgsrc
According to the homepage, DracoPKg is ``a humble attempt at merging pkgtools and pkgsrc through a simple wrapper. Hiding the complexity through simple commands.'' In this, pkgsrc is NetBSD's packages collection/toolset, and pkgtools is the same from Slackware.

The system comes with a wrapper for running the various commands:

  • dp install foobar to install a package and its dependencies
  • dp options foobar to learn about the options that can be passed to the USE environment variable
  • dp upgrade foobar to upgrade na installed package by recompiling
  • dp replace foobar to replace a single package, without touching dependencies.
  • dp remove foobar deinstall a package and all its dependencies
  • dp info foobar to print information
  • ...
There are many more commands documented on the dracopkg homepage, go and have a look. Maybe this is the thing that gives pkgsrc the "product readiness" it's been lacking so far?

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