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[20080530] NetBSD-based Force10 switch receives 2008 Product Innovation Award
From the Business Wire press release: ``Force10 Networks(R), the pioneer in building and securing reliable networks, today announced that Network Products Guide, a Silicon Valley Communications publication and leader on technologies and solutions, has named the C300 resilient switch a winner of the 2008 Product Innovation Award for the Ethernet switch category. The award recognizes vendors worldwide whose product innovation brings critical evolutionary changes to business and the IT industry. [...]

The Force10 C300 was recognized for innovations that enable enterprises to cost effectively bring performance characteristics typically reserved for enterprise-class data centers to the enterprise LAN and mid-sized data centers. The passive copper backplane of the C300 incorporates patented technology originally designed for Force10's high performance E-Series family of switch/routers and eliminates a single point of failure as well as reduces system-level power consumption.

In addition to the resilient design, the C300 also supports FTOS, bringing additional reliability to the network. Based on a NetBSD kernel, FTOS is inherently stable with modular processes that provide a highly fault tolerant environment by limiting faults to a single process without impacting the performance of others. With advanced inline diagnostics and service tools, FTOS also simplifies troubleshooting and software upgrades while mitigating configuration errors that result from human error.

For additional information about the Force10 C300 resilient switch, please visit''

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