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[20080612] Voltalinux 2.1: Slackware + NetBSD's pkgsrc
Here's another one in the series of Linux distributions based on NetBSD's pkgsrc, quoting from the announcement: ``Matteo Garofano has announced the release of Voltalinux 2.1, a server-oriented distribution based on Slackware Linux and using NetBSD's pkgsrc package management system.

As expected, after the release of Slackware Linux 12.1, Voltalinux 2.1 (code name 'Livorno') is out. It benefits from the many new features in Slackware: HTTP and FTP install, new kernel, installation on LVM and RAID, etc. Also includes the benefits of the new features found in the NetBSD's pkgsrc port system, such as upgraded packages and a better management system. As usual, Voltalinux comes with more then 150 packages (compiled with the pkgsrc port system) intended for server use, including Postfix, Exim, Dovecot, ClamAV, Pure-FTPd, Bftpd, Squid, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Bind, MaraDNS, etc."''

For more information, see the Voltalinux 2.1 announcement and the Voltalinux homepage.

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