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[20080613] Printing NetBSD documentation (wholesome, and how to make your own)
I've had a discussion about printed sets of Unix manuals the other day. As a reminder, one can make those for NetBSD easily:
  • grab NetBSD-current sources
  • cd src/share/man/man0
  • make
The result is a bit more than 8000 pages! FWIW, I've uploaded the results for NetBSD-current as of 20080613. Anyone in for printing and publishing this?

P.S.: For those wondering how to get single pages formatted, here's a little excursion in *roff, the formatting language that Unix manual pages are written in. Take src/bin/ls/ls.1 as an example. To get a formatted page in ASCII output, use:

        nroff -man ls.1 
For a printer-ready PostScript file, use:

        groff -man -Tps ls.1 > 
NetBSD also has a macro-set to produce HTML output:

        groff -man -Thtml ls.1 >ls.html 

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