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[20080728] The pkgsrc-2008Q2 Release
NetBSD's pkgsrc crew has put great efforts into stabilizing pkgsrc, and releasing another "stable" version. Alistair Crooks, co-founder of pkgsrc and long-time manager of pkgsrc announces: ``The pkgsrc developers are very proud to announce the new pkgsrc-2008Q2 release, which has support for more packages than previous releases. As well as updated versions of many packages, the infrastructure of pkgsrc itself has been improved for better platform and compiler support. [...]

Some highlights of the new pkgsrc-2008Q2 release are:

  • a new ruby gems framework, from Stoned Elipot and Johnny Lam
  • many more packages have been moved to install into a staging directory - the DESTDIR work that Joerg Sonnenberger has done almost singlehandedly
  • many, many packages have been updated to newer versions, to take advantage of fixes and improved functionality. The following versions of packages are included in the pkgsrc-2008Q2 release:
      apache-2.2.9 firefox- and firefox-3.0.1 gnome-2.20.2 kde-3.5.9 mysql-5.0.51 openoffice-2.4.1 opera-9.27 postgresql-8.3.3 python-2.5.2 ruby- samba-3.0.30 seamonkey-1.1.11 wireshark-1.0.2 zope-3.3.1
  • other changes include
    • Jared Mcneill has re-worked the compiz window manager packages
    • the new ruby gems framework is easy to use, scalable, and very effective
    • Eric Gillespie has updated the subversion package to 1.5.0, and reworked part of the additional language support
    • thanks to Jared Mcneill, David Holland and Reinoud Zandijk, wine-1.0 works well on NetBSD
    • the addition of some interesting, pertinent, and shiny packages such as acroread8, bind95, blame, boxbackup (client and server), compiz-fusion, drupal6, firefox3, fltk2, freeradius2, ftmenu, gambc, gvfs, java-subversion, mediatomb, mono-tools, mowgli, msel, mtftpd, odt2text, pkg_leaves, qrencode, ruby-snmp, smbldap-tools, stegtunnel, torrentzip, unbound, and xsel. ''
I've rebuilt the packages that I've installed on Mac OS X and Debian Linux into my $HOME using this release the other day, and things worked really great. Mmm, pkgsrc!

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