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[20081022] EuroBSDCon 2008 NetBSD Presentation
EuroBSDCon 2008 in Strasbourg came and went last weekend. For those of us who remained home, there are still pictures and audio streams (select Formation: eurobsdcon) of the lectures to listen to, picked up via the DragonFlyBSD blog.

Here are the talks on NetBSD and/or from NetBSD developers:

  • Yvan Vanhullebus: IPSec tools: past, present and future (PDF, mp3)
  • Martin Schuette: Improved NetBSD Syslogd (PDF, mp3)
  • Michael Dexter: Zen and the Art of Multiplicity Maintenance: An applied survey of BSD-licensed multiplicity strategies from chroot to mult (PDF, mp3)
  • Hauke Fath: Managing BSD desktop clients - Fencing in the herd (PDF, mp3)
  • Joerg Sonnenberger: Sleeping beauty - NetBSD on Modern Laptops (PDF, mp3)
  • Antti Kantee: Converting kernel file systems to services (PDF, mp3)

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