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[20081031] Plans (and more) for NetBSD 5.0
Alistair Crooks ives a quick heads-up about the status of the NetBSD 5.0 release plan. After some "freeze" period, the system is considered pretty stable right now, and the NetBSD 5.0 release branch was branched. There are still a number of bugs left to address before the release, though, before the final release.

People who want to help testing can fetch the sources from the "netbsd-5" CVS branch (for src and xsrc), precompiled binaries will be available on a daily base soon, too.

Some of the news in NetBSD 5.0 are:

  • a new kernel threading model which has better performance than the previous implementation
  • file system journalling (WAPBL)
  • the Xen port has updated to Xen 3.3, and has support for PAE domains and amd64 domains (both dom0 and domU)
  • Xorg is now a part of our base system
  • our contributed external software has moved to a new framework, so as to make license issues clearer
  • all security-critical software is now compiled by default with stack protection; this makes stack overflow and stack smashing attacks more difficult to exploit
See Alistair's mail for more details, and follow his call: ``We'd really like to encourage you to help us out by running code from the 5.0 branch, and to help us by shaking bugs out - send-pr is our friend in this - any and all bug reports gratefully received.''

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