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[20081116] How to crossbuild on Cygwin
For those poor people that are forced to use Windows and who still want to (cross)build NetBSD, there's help now: Izumi Tsutsui has posted instructions on how to crossbuild NetBSD on Cygwin. It assumes Windows XP and Cygwin 1.5.25.

Basically the venture boils down to a simple ``sh -m i386 -U release'', but the real art is in setting up the build environment with all those packages that you have installed on a decent Unix system by default.[1]

[1] Speaking of a 'decent' Unix system: I've had the joy to setup pkgsrc on a minimal Debian installation the other day, and it's amazing what list of standard Unix tools it's lacking: cpp, (n)curses, gmake, cvs, g++ (compiler plus headers; gcc was there, but without headers), bc, and bsd-mail / mailx.

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