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[20081204] BSD Conferences Channel on YouTube
From the FreeBSD website: ``We are pleased to announce the availability of a dedicated YouTube channel for technical lectures about FreeBSD and other BSD operating systems. The channel is available at

This channel allows us to post full hour long lectures from FreeBSD conferences. The first four videos that Julian Elisher recorded at MeetBSD have been posted, and more are on the way.''

So this is all Web 2.0 and 2008... cool! There's just a bit of a lack of contents right now, esp. with a focus on NetBSD. I still have a bunch of 19c3 and 21c3 presentations here on my harddisk, maybe someone can kick^Wencourage me to upload them (and tell me how to do that, for mp3 and avi). Then again, they're pretty old, and I'm sure there are more recent talks that would be appropriate for presentation. Any takers?

Until there's more NetBSD content on that channel, feel free to have a look at all the NetBSD videos already present on YouTube - it's a few, just not from conferences.

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