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[20090215] Xen news: Dom0 with PAE, PCI passthrough, migration
I have outlined the need for PAE with Xen in a previous posting. In the recent past, PAE has become the default in Linux Xen kernels, and as a result, running Linux on a NetBSD-Dom0 was not possible due to lack of PAE in Dom0. This has changed now, Manuel Bouyer has added PAE support for NetBSD/Xen's Dom0 support with a XEN3PAE_DOM0 kernel config now. Manuel's posting to port-xen outlines the PAE work for Dom0.

Other work that's underway is PCI passthrought: This feature that was available with Xen2 on NetBSD was changed in Xen3, and kernel support for DomUs to access specific devices on a PCI bus is underway. Currently, NetBSD DomUs need a Linux Dom0 to pass access to the PCI bus, but this is expected to change soon. First steps to pass single PCI devices from a NetBSD Dom0 to a DomU are made, and we can look forward for more of this to come. Again, see posting to port-xen for more details.

The last item is just a quick heads-up in reply to Manuel's posting: Jean-Yges Migeon is currently working to get saving and restoring of DomUs as well as the associated migration of domains between several Dom0s -- i.e. to move a running DomU from one machine to another -- working.

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