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[20090220] Jan 2009 issue of BSD Magazine is out!
BSD Magazine is a rather new publication. The Jan 2009 issue is out now, and it has a special focus, following the title ``Explore NetBSD''!

Karoina Lesinska was kind enough to provide me with detailed information, and here's what I can report about the contents of the mag and the included DVD:

  • There's a 3/4 page announcement of NetBSD 5.0, or what it will contain once released. Includes the long list of news & goods already announced elsewhere.

  • NetBSD install, by Patrick Pippen. He talks about how to go through the NetBSD installer (sysinst), including language and keyboard selection, selecting and partitioning the harddisk to install to, installing bootblocks, selecting the installation media, installing the base system, selection of the system password encryption algorithm, and setting the root password and shell.

    Beyond that, the article also gives help on getting started after the installation. Format of the text is interesting, with parts of the pkgsrc setup description being included as comments in the typescript, but the contents' still there.

  • BSD live, by Jan Stedehouder, compares BSD-based Live CDs. Includes NetBSD-based ones like NewBIE and NetBSD Live. No Jibbed, thought. :( The article gives an overview of the contents of each Live CD, and includes lots of screenshots for an early impression of the look & feel.

  • Play Music on Your Slug with NetBSD, by Donald T. Hayford. A previous issue of the BSD Mag described how to install NetBSD on the Linksys NSLU2 (AKA slug), and this article explains how to set the system up so it can act as a web-based mp3 player that you can hook up to the stereo.

  • Interview about NetBSD WAPBL, with Simon Burge, Antti Kantee and Greg Oster. Federico Biancuzzi asks the NetBSD developers who worked to get journaling into NetBSD about what it is, how it is integrated in the current file system implementation, what features there are, benchmark results, ideas for future improvements, how to set it up, space requirements, interaction with backups. Furthermore, the development and testing process with its interaction with the RUMP subsystem is discussed, and finally under what license the implementation is available.

  • Besides those articles that focus on NetBSD and/or pkgsrc, they are also mentioned in further articles, including "Multi-User Conferencing" by Eric Schnoebelen and Michele Cranmer, "Installing Prelude IDS" by Henrik Lund Kramshoj, and "If it moves! crypt it" by Marko Milenovic.

  • Last, the included DVD is bootable on i386 to install NetBSD from CD. It also contains the 2008Q2 snapshot of pkgsrc, precompiled binary packages for 4.0/i386 and bootable ISO images for amd64, i386, and the i386pkg CD from the NetBSD 4.0 release.

    Last, there's a snapshot of NetBSD-current as of Sep 7 2008, with bootable ISOs for installing on i386 and amd64, plus sources.

    There's a full page in the mag describing the contents of the DVD in detail, and where to get more information if needed, so noone's left out in the rain.

Remember that authors of BSD related contents are always scarce, and if you have an idea of an article, don't hesitate to contact BSD Magazine.

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