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[20090501] NetBSD 5.0 based Cobalt/Raq restore CD available
Izumi Tsutsui has released a version of his Cobalt restore/install CD based on NetBSD 5.0.

What is it? Citing from the Restore CD HowTo: `` The Cobalt Qube/Raq is a server appliance. To put it simply, they are just computers without keyboard and monitor and without the ability to attach one. There are several versions of Qubes and Raqs in existence, older MIPS based and newer AMD-K6 based. [...]

Because the Qube does not have an easy way to attach a monitor, a keyboard and most importantly a CDROM drive, there is no easy way to install a new operating system on it. This is where the Restore CD comes in. The Qube has the ability to boot an operating system over the network. A Restore CD provides the environment allowing the Qube to boot an operating system and perform an unattended install of the operating system onto hard drive. ''

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