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[20090504] Article: Thread scheduling and related interfaces in NetBSD 5.0
Mindaugas Rasiukevicius has worked in the SMP corner of the NetBSD kernel in the past few months, and he has written an article that introduces the work done by him and others, see his posting for a bit more information, or his article directly.

The article introduces real-time scheduling and the scheduling classes found in NetBSD 5.0, and gives an estimate on the response timeframe that can be expected for real-time applications. Setting scheduling policy and priority from a userland application is shown next, and programming examples for thread affinity, dynamic CPU sets and processor sets are shown. Besires C APIs, there are also a number or new commands in NetBSD 5.0 that can be used to control things from the command line, e.g. to define scheduling behaviour and manipulate processor sets. My favourite gem is the CPU used in the cpuctl(8) example, which is identified as "AMD Engineering Sample". :-)

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