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[20090830] - Netbooting over the internet
From the homepage: `` is a service that allows you to boot nearly any operating system or utility on any computer with a wired internet connection - without having to know ahead of time what you'll want to boot. Once you can, you never need to update your boot disk again! works through the magic of netbooting. There are a number of ways to boot a computer with The simplest is to download a bootable image and burn it to a CD, USB memory stick, or floppy disk. Boot off it on any networked computer, and it will automatically fetch the latest boot options from and let you choose from dozens of installation, recovery, testing, portable desktop and other tools. You can also start from any computer running gPXE, or from any netbootable computer with some simple tweaks to your DHCP server.''

A nice idea, BUT... there's not NetBSD. Yet. Anyone feel like adding it? Drop me a line when it's there! :-) (And maybe make sure it doesn't immediately panic with "ACPI autoload failed - no such file or directory" like that other BSD version there does for me ;)

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