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[20090912] Catching up on source-changes, Apr to Sep 2009 (Updated)
I've been slacking with catching up on source-changes again, and today I've found to get at it. Here's a bunch of noteworthy changes that I haven't seen mentioned elsewhereso far:
  • hppa: work for PA2.0 CPUs is under way on the nick-hppapmap branch
  • Work for SMP-enabled NFS is in progress on the yamt-nfs-mp branch
  • A read-only implementation of NiLFS, the New implementation of Logging File System was imported. See for more information, note that this is a new implementation, not a port of the Linux code.
  • boothowto(9) now documents boot flags that are passed in from the bootloader on various platforms. See also the kern.boothowto sysctl.
  • The /etc/rc framework was changed to be silent when requested via the bootloader. Uses the kern.boothowto sysctl to determine what's needed. Can also be set as "rc_silent=yes" in /etc/rc.conf, the boot output can be found in /var/run/rc.log then.
  • Sun's ZFS was imported and adjusted for NetBSD. Is there any documentation for this???
  • Much 3rd party code code from src/dist, src/crypto/dist, src/gnu/dist was moved to src/external.
  • new POSIX functions stpcpy(3), stpncpy(3) and strnlen(3)
  • Kernel: during shutdown, devices are noew detadched in an orderly fashion, including stacks of file systems and storage drivers like cgd(4), vnd(4)
  • The GPIO framework was greatly revamped, with many new drivers added.
  • unzip(1) was added, which works with libarchive
  • Xen: Add support for ACPI suspend, Intel SpeedStep and AMD PowerNow!
  • Xen2 support was removed
Drivers added and improved:
  • Support for siisata(4) @ cardbus was added
  • mvsata(4): new Marvell Hercules-I/II SATA driver
  • smsh(4): new SMSC LAN9118 family ethernet driver
  • hdaudio(4): new driver for Intel High Definition Audion, to replace azalia(4)
  • sdmmc(4) adds SD/MMC support
Imported software:
  • NTP 4.2.4p7
  • libevent 1.4.11
  • IPfilter 4.1.33
  • binutils 2.19
  • BIND 9.6.1p1
  • pcc 0.9.9
  • Postfix 2.6.2 2.6.5 (Thanks, Matthias!)
  • xorg-server 1.6 and many other X parts (too many to list...)

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