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[20091019] A Stick Figure Guide to the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
This one is not directly related to NetBSD right now, but it will be, eventually: It's AES, the successor of the DES encryption algorithm explained in a comic-like way. It comes as a play in four acts: First some historical predecessors and related events are introduced, followed by some general crypto basics and a general overview of how AES works. The last act gives some introduction to the math behind it - enjoy! :-)

Oh, and why do I think this will be related to NetBSD? Well, there's software cryptography today, and to some extent there are drivers for accelerated crypto co-processors that are supported by NetBSD's opencrypto(9) framework. Even more, some VIA CPUs already have AES hardware on board. With Intel and AMD adding them to their marked-dominating CPUs, I envision that cryptography will happen in a lot more places when they hit the streets. And I guess we can be sure that this will impact all operating systems via standards and protocols.

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