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[20100205] Hackathon, February 19-22 2010
Aleksej Saushev writes on a bunch of lists:
We're running 13th Hackathon February 19-22 2010,
come and join us on IRC channel #netbsd-code at FreeNode (
You may choose other ways to participate, if you find it more convenient.
See Hackathon page for updates:


Fix as many bugs as possible, close as many PRs as possible.


In previous years we have accumulated a lot of problem reports.
Some of them relate to no longer supported branches (e.g. 2.0)
and were occasionally fixed during regular code work.
Some of them relate to hardware developers don't have access to.
Some of them may be too easy to fix, but noone looks at that part
of code (e.g. documentation).
Some of them relate to packages already removed or heavily reworked.
Some of them relate to packages in exotic environment (Solaris, Interix)
and developers cannot test if the bug is present or not.

You can find more in PR database at

More specifically, David Holland maintains categorized lists of PRs at

of which "Wanted for 5.1" 

and "Stuck" (
are of particular interest.

Another hot area is pkgsrc 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You don't have to be programmer to be able to help us,
you can help us with generic testing support.  

Come, bring your favourite booze, and join in!

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