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[20100215] Setting up a PPPoE server with NetBSD
I had an urge to configure PPPoE today, but didn't have a DSL line handy to test it. So, with some help from martin@, I got to prod NetBSD into becoming a PPPoE server.

I've put my notes here.

Open issues:

  • Whenever I terminate a client session ("ifconfig pppoe0 down"), the server's pppoe0 interface goes down as well. Before new connections are served, I have to do a manual "ifconfig pppoe0 up".
  • When I add "query-dns=3" to the client side, the connection is terminated immediately after it's established. I don't know how to offer DNS servers via PPPoE/LCP, but at least just leaving the connection open instead of terminating it would be nice.
I understand this method is only for one/few PPPoE connections. If more sessions are needed, this may not be the best option. It still served my purpose well. YMMV.

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