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[20100528] Source-changes ketchup Dec'09 - May'10 [Updated]
Here's what I have in my source-changes folder as interesting changes between Dec '09 and May '10. YMMV:
  • NetBSD/cats now uses
  • NetBSD/sparc64 now runs a MULTIPROCESSOR kernel by default
  • NetBSD/evbsh3 now also supports the following boards: AlphaNet MS104-SH4, TAC T-SH7706LAN Ver.3, TAC T-SH7706LSR Ver.1
  • NetBSD/hpcarm now supports the Sharp W-ZERO3 series
  • wc(1) can print the longest line length now with -L
  • cdbr(3), cdbw(3) implement constand database reader/writer routines. this shrinks the services(5) database from 2.1MB to 307kB
  • /dev/{mem,kmem,zero,null} implementations are unified in machine independent code on the rmind-uvmplock branch
  • Many kernel systems were prepared to be built either into a monolithic kernel, or loaded as module at runtime. This includes verbose listing of PCI devices, Berkeley Packet Filters (bpf), loading modules only after the root filesystem is mounted, others.

  • New drivers:
    • acpiwmibus: a pseudo-bus to which child Microsoft Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI, a subset of ACPI) devices attach
    • u2g: split into parts: u3ginit attaches to those devices that only come as a umass device in the default configuration and forces them to reinitialize in 3D mode and detach. The u3g part attaches to individual interfaces for the 3G functionality, leaving the umass interface(s) for that driver. With this change I can use the MMC card in my Huawey stick (as well as the integrated windows driver CD, which of course is pretty useless) and the 3G modem at the same time.
    • cas: Driver for Sun Cassini/Cassini+ (GigaSwift) Ethernet (also known as National Semiconductor Saturn)
    • aibs: replaces aiboost for the ASUSTeK AI Booster hardware monitor

  • Software imports include NetPGP 3.99.2 (20100507 version), dhcpcd-5.2.2, BIND 9.7.0rc1, libelf from FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE, tzcode2009k, pkg_install-20100220, mdocml-1.9.23, libarchive-2.8.2, ACPICA 20100121, bozohttpd-20100512

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