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[20111118] Tanenbaum: Minix to become NetBSD-compatible
I've found this one via (german language) heise online: Andrew Tanenbaum, operating system researcher and father of the Minix operating system gave an interview to the french site. Topics include where Minix is today, and where it will move to in the future.

The latter one is worth quoting in this blog's NetBSD context: ``We are now focused on three things: NetBSD compatibility, embedded systems, and reliability. 3.2.0 will have a lot of headers, libraries, and userland programs take from NetBSD, which is a very stable, mature system. The BSDs are quite popular as you may know. One of them is sold under the brand name "Macintosh" by Apple. [...]

We think NetBSD is a mature stable system. Linux is not nearly as well written and is changing all the time. NetBSD has something like 8000 packages. That is enough for us.''

Further topics include multicore and microkernel architectures, grants from Google and the European Research Council, software licensing, the GPL and Linux. Have a look!

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