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[20120204] Google Summer of Code 2012 will happen - first NetBSD directions
Google announced at Fosdem that there will be Google Sommer of Code 2012, the 8th time in a row. Ot can be expected that NetBSD will strive to participate again this year, and as such, now is a good time to
  • make up your mind if you want to participate, either as student or mentor

  • hash out details of project proposals and possible implementation details, and also see how much time you can devote as possible mentor. Also, think about choosing criteria for students and how to communicate with them on a daily basis and also in cases where problems arise (reallife on either side, student going AWOL, ...)

  • go over the list of project proposals, esp. the ones with the right dimension for GSoC, and suggest changes and additions of new projects

  • make yourself familiar with NetBSD from a user/admin viewpoint and esp. from a developer point if you intend to apply as student.

    A (slightly dated?) tour through the NetBSD source tree is available for userland, libraries, and the kernel. Also of interest: a guide on NetBSD internals.

  • review our guidelines for applying for a project if you're an interested student. We get many really bad, dull and uninformed project proposals each year, and we wish more students would be as serious as YOU probably are (as you're already here :-).
Let's look forward to NetBSD and the Goole Summer of Code 2012, and the exciting new projects to come!

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