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[20120229] Minix 3.2.0 released... with lots of NetBSD code added
Version 3.2.0 of Minix, the operating system started by Andrew Tanenbaum, has been released. Started quite some time after BSD and before Linux, its userland grew somewhat outdated. To remedy this, Minix' userland was now updated to large extents with components from NetBSD as result of Minix' 2011 Google Summer of Code project, which was done by student Vivek Prakash and mentored by Gianluca Guida.

Components merged from NetBSD include:

  • NetBSD C library
  • NetBSD password file format
  • NetBSD bootloader
  • New NetBSD userland utilities: ext2 fsck&mkfs, gzip, m4, man&tools, mkdep, mkdir, mkfifo, mktemp, rm, rmdir, tic, uniq, libcurses, libcrypt, libprop, libterminfo, libutil, bzip2, date, indent, mdocml (mandoc), sed, zoneinfo ports
See the Minix release notes for more details,

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